The very last match you played out was against Northern

  • Who do you observe out from the Danish csgoskins arena, maybe ex-teammates or perhaps someone from the additional top10 Danish clubs breaking through shortly?

    It would be easier to choose from some of my prior teammates. I think HUNDEN, he is never going to stop trying. That guy will be... he will keep combating. Alongside HUNDEN, I do believe cadiaN is going to keep coming back into the scene, you can find bORUP and maybe AcilioN.

    But it's tough because there is so much ability in the Danish world, there is so many people i don't know, that are just underneath the top10 and perhaps they are so talented. Yet I know for a proven fact that HUNDEN is going to split through at some point. Certainly not because of his personal skill, but on account of his knowledge, owing to his hard work. He or she works all the time as well as never quits. Thus HUNDEN for sure.

    Show me a bit about your strategies as a team now, exactly what do you want to do in the next two or perhaps three weeks, months, what do you will have planned?

    Even though i'm out of the tournament, i will be still keeping inside the zone, we are training for the DreamHack Professionals Malmö qualifier, we intend to play that when we get home from here. In a while, we have DreamHack Valencia, which we should earn, I mean, NiP will there be, EnVyUs is there, yet we hope to do well on Valencia. And then you will find DreamHack Atlanta.

    Yep, we are packed this specific July, just a lots of games, a lot of knowledge that I can get, thus I'm just collecting where I can, gonna try to do our best. Hopefully, we all win the DreamHacks and get some items on the board. That may be what it's exactly about in the end.