• Cloud9 survived a nail-biting finish to CSGO AWP Skins their series with Natus Vincere (Mirage 16-13, Overpass 16-14) to advance to the ESL One Cologne grand final.

    The first semi-final battle between Cloud9 and Natus Vincerebegan with the latter picking up the pistol round before the North American side took over the gunrounds on the offense. Denis "seized" Kostin's squad kept saving weapons over and over after they lost one of the bombsites until it was 7-3, whenLadislav "GuardiaN" Kovács stepped up with a triple up against a quick split towards A.

    Cloud9 replied right back and got to double digits, while the last round went the other way for a 10-5 half in favor of Jake"Stewie2K" Yip and company, who then added a pistol round to their name for 12-5.

    A bomb plant in a full eco gave Na`Vi the chance to buy in the third round and start climbing back with a couple of A executes. Surviving a couple of scary anti-ecos, with a big triple fromAleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev on B turning around the gunround in between, Natus Vincere lowered the deficit to just two rounds.

    GuardiaN then put up four kills in a slow 2v5 to extend the streak to seven in a row and an even scoreline at 12-12, butCloud9 stopped it with an eco win on B on the back of Mike"shroud" Grzesiek's two openers and Timothy "autimatic" Ta's three kills.