Electronic Arts acquired the first studio Distinctive Software

  • Before the 1990s, most of the game development was carried out by a separate programmer, who had their own understanding of the game and developed the products they wanted to do. But by the 1990s, the industry needed a lot of staff to develop more complex, more beautiful games. American Electronic Arts needs more money and more systematic organization and management. In 1991, the United States Electronic Arts acquired the first studio Distinctive Software. After joining EA, Distinctive Software began working on several sports games for EA, and developed a series of "Need for Speed". The studio later became the United States Arts and Canada Canada branch, grew up as one of the largest electronics studio in the United States.


    In 1992, Origin Systems also joined in The company's role-playing game "Genesis" (Ultima) received a high rating outside. However, Origin Systems in 1999 and the United States Electronic Arts has some unpleasant. After the launch of Genesis IX, Richard Garriott, the core character of Origin Systems, left the company, with the inception that many of Origin Systems' projects were canceled and the disintegration of 2004 Madden Mobile Coins.


    The next major acquisition of EA is the British studio Bullfrog, which was acquired in 1995. American art in the previous release of this studio has been part of the game. After joining EA, Bullfrog developed the "Dungeon Keeper" and its sequel. Peter Molyneux, the core figure of the studio, served as vice president of American EA for a period of time and later left in 1997 to create an independent Lionhead studio. And bullfrog company in 2004 by the British branch of the complete annexation.


    In 1997, the United States Electronic Arts acquired Maxis studio. Maxis launched a series of simulation games such as "SimEarth", "SimAnt", "Sim City 2000" and his "Aurora City" under its successful work in 1989. In 2000, Maxis for the United States Arts to send a "simulated life." With the heap expansion package, additional download content of the "Sims" became the 2000 largest sales of computer games series.


    In 1998, the United States Arts and Electric purchased the Westwood studio, the studio quickly developed a "command and conquest: Tiberium day", and gradually bring more "command and conquer" series of works. In 2002, Westwood published a large multiplayer online role-playing game "Earth & Beyond". The game is too complicated, it is difficult to get the player's favor, only two years later was closed. Westwood Studios was also disbanded in 2003, and the remaining employees were assigned to the Los Angeles Division to continue to develop the "Command and Conquer" series of games.

    In 2005, the United States Electronic Arts acquired the mobile phone game development publisher JAMDAT Mobile, and changed its name to EA Mobile. The studio took full advantage of the old art of the United States Electronic Arts, brought a lot of famous mobile phone version of the game, as well as some original game. In the mobile game market is becoming more mature, EA Mobile on the United States Electronic Arts performance assurance increasingly important.