Million Chinese people are interested in the NFL

  • The 2007 NFL China Citation KANTAR-CSM China research shows that more than 19 million people are interested in the Chinese NFL Madden 18 Coins, mainly in the first-tier cities. China's NFL fan group has grown 1087% over the past five years. 


    GSMA, comprised of 800 mobile operators worldwide, is expected to reach 1 billion of China's 4G smartphone connections by 2020, up from 100 million at the end of last year.


    Tencent is also planning to invest about $15 billion in electricity over the next five years. It unveiled the program earlier this year, with gamers calming down in a multiplayer video game that fans personally watch on the internet and/or traditional TV


    Like the United States, Chinese children have grown up online to play games and interact through mobile phones. The joint nfl-Tencent release did not mention last December's NFL and social media player Sina Weibo's live gaming streaming media trading.


    Sina Weibo is a major social media site that has played some games, including three playoff and Super Bowl 51. According to the NFL spokesman: "We are continuing to work with microblogs to highlight clips and live broadcast highlights." Tencent has many social media services itself.