Madden will make you happy

  • Madden should be the best way to experience the NFL without feeling your conscience supporting the weight of the football. Like the NFL, no concussion or corporate interest sounds like utopian football ideals. However, these absences are not only self service and dishonesty, but also make the whole experience lifeless. Maybe if you're the kind of person who enjoys football skills, Madden Madden 18 Coins will make you happy. But the attractiveness of sports is much greater than the purity of the game. Football, in particular, is one of the best footage of American culture and politics. 


    In the end, Madden was particularly disappointed that he embraced the big man's role, such as the celebration of the wonderful touchdown, but while maintaining the NFL's prestige, left the most cultural moment of the Alliance for years: Colin Kaepernick knelt down in the national anthem. In this series of 29 games, you never expect Madden to take that risk, that's the problem. Because the real-life NFL has a protection brand, and Madden is an important part of the brand. For this reason, Longshot's opponents have nothing to do with football, and he is a reality TV producer.