The Madden NFL look good

  • For Madden 18, my favorite model is franchise mode, almost completely unaffected by last year's version, which is a bit disappointing. Minor adjustments were made to the demo, including the display of a complete 3D model player, rather than a large-head photo. The soundtrack is one of the best music in recent years. But beyond that, EA Sports's developers have said on the E3 that their focus will be entirely on pike and frostbite, which is bad because I haven't been given a new version of the reason.


    The change in the engine of frostbite certainly makes the Madden NFL look good, and longshot has made good use of this short and powerful story. In addition, Mutban has opened up a new way to play with more than two players. But beyond that, in the case of improved gameplay and lack of new things Madden 18 Coins, the Madden NFL 18th also played well in the last few seconds. In other words, as a more beautiful football game, with a new story model, it will at least have a significant improvement, even if it is more than we expect the new game engine increment.