The rocket league game has entered a new phase

  • The Rockets league has been out for more than a year, but the game is always changing due to developers ' Psyonix updates and DLC. Recently the game has entered a new phase, shifting many of the core foundations launched last year. This includes a new box system, as well as a large number of new rare items that players get. However, these things cannot be purchased like other new products. Instead, they must earn income. Although a lot of luck, we've put this guide in how to get boxes and rare items in the Rockets league. I just want to reiterate that many of them were lucky before the comments exploded Rocket League Items. You will see that every time you complete the Rockets tournament, there are random opportunities to receive an item or box, and within this range there is an occasional chance that this will be a rare item.


    The Rockets game itself is in a dome, the game will play as usual. The arena will be available for recreation and competitive playlists with the ability to see underwater life swimming outside the dome itself. We recently learned that developer Psyonix is considering adding PS4 Pro support to the rocket Alliance because they are unwilling to confirm or deny that support will come. They say they are assessing the interests and technical requirements of the community, and they have not disclosed when the decision could be issued. The Rockets alliance can be used on PlayStation 4, Xbox one and PCs. Check out the Aquadome trailer below.