The annual salary of NFL players

  • In the April 2009 "Forbes" magazine announced the four major alliances in North America (baseball, rugby, hockey and basketball) players average salary, rugby players average annual salary of 1.9 million US dollars, ranked fourth in the league, and NBA players Buy Madden 18 Coins on average The annual salary is as high as $ 5.15 million, 2.7 times the NFL player.

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    A few years later, this situation has not changed, there is a growing trend. Resulting in NFL players "low salary" is a big reason for the huge number of teams, NFL each team is 53 people, but the number of people playing only 11 people.


    Which caused many players on the location of the whole season are not playing any match. In addition, by the huge player base supported by the draft system also led to NFL players "worthless", each year more than 200 new players to join the NFL major league.


    The particularity of rugby (easy to hurt) so that the league must uphold this team structure and draft model, but also caused the players to spread and worthless.


    In the fierce competition under the survival of the fittest, many young players into the league, but one or two years, but also holding a basic salary contract, they had to face the "dismissed" danger, into the league with dreams and enthusiasm, eager to change the fate of football, but The end may be just a wound and brain life trauma.


    Even in the league in the red and purple, earned a lot of money, but the longer the effectiveness of the longer, often means that you are more likely to be seriously traumatized, after retirement is not to worry about livelihood, but the brain pain is often tortured You are living for life


    This "can not see the end of the road" is the story behind the professional football.