With James in a team your pressure will be very large

  • Last season, the Cavaliers lost to the Warriors, a large part of the reason because of Kevin Durant, Warriors array has five All-Star level players, so this summer that the Cavaliers can introduce a star player, Such as Paul George, such as Jimmy Butler, but not, these people have given up to join the Cavaliers!


    Knights of the German strong is no doubt, and have James and Owen this German talent level players NBA Live Coins, but the stars do not want to join, what is the reason for this? Paul George gave the answer in a recent interview, George said: "With James in a team your pressure will be very large, it is difficult to adapt to James's system, and play around James, playing well is normal, Playing bad will be the media and fans unlimited criticism. "George is justified, the best example is Kevin Loew, every season, even if the Cleveland Cavaliers won the season, Kevin Le Husband are criticized, it can be said that the back of the pot Xia, so that the pressure is very large! It seems the Cavaliers fourth All-Star players really may be hopeless!


    Houston Rockets boss Alexander publicly sell the Rockets, which can be said to have shocked the NBA, many people think that this will make the Rockets into chaos, the new season there will be a lot of instability, but the fate of the decision may be the Rockets It is not a good thing!