NFL confirmed this policy change

  • NFL plans to try to accept spirits in the 2017 season, this risky approach is likely to bring more benefits for the league and partners, but also in the United States caused some controversy. Last week, according to the Wall Street Journal reported that the NFL in the 2017 season will allow its TV partners to broadcast spirits ads. Then NFL confirmed this policy change. And according to an NFL official to the US media, the policy is likely to be long-term. This policy stipulates that there are up to four 30 seconds of spirits per game, with a maximum of 2 spirits advertisements at each halftime or midfield break; TV networks that broadcast NFL --ESPN Madden 18 Coins, Fox, CBS and NBC - You can also play two spirits ads before and after the game.

    Advertising must include a "significant social responsibility information", advertising can not use the rugby theme, can not be targeted for people who do not meet the legal age of drinking. Sports league and so continue to open up new sources of income, but also reasonable. The Wall Street Journal said that in the past 10 years, the US sports league has been trying to absorb new advertisers and league sponsors outside the traditional beer, car and financial companies in order to earn more revenue. However, the control of the category of spirits is still relatively strict, because the fear of young fans in the hearts of spirits and famous players linked. But a few years ago, some US broadcasters and league began to relax restrictions, slowly began to accept spirits advertising.