The kardashian family NBA star

  • In the 2009 draft of the university, the 3rd in the first round harden was selected by the Oklahoma city thunder, and with durant, westbrook was the top three. In his rookie season, harden, who was a substitute, scored 9.9 points in less than 25 minutes and was named the rookie of the year. Is gold will shine, along with the increase in playing time, not only harden the data of a rising tide lifts all boats, the thunder team record have been triumphantly, 10 to 11, 11-12 consecutive season in the western conference finals, when the thunder is a famous young guards in the league.


    In the 11-12 season, the thunder beat the old, hot SAN Antonio spurs, and harden, in the series, had a series of incredible three-pointers, and the seeds of the superstar were buried. But in the finals, the mighty heat trio gave a lesson to the young thunder, who beat the rising team 4-1. This season, harden has won the best sixth man award. At this moment although harden is a famous young talents in the NBA, but in the star of Nike LOLGA.INC, and no one care about him, after all, it was kobe Bryant, lebron James era, so this period harden is wearing sneakers.


    Harden rocket career appeared in 15 years, is the biggest question that he frequently get caught up in appeared in the nightclub, and more explosive is he with famous kohler Kim kardashian talked about love, it is well known that connected with the kardashian family NBA star is no good results, before heng frith, Lamar odom, fans to harden the staff. There was also a lot of criticism about the performance on harden court, and his defense was called eye defense. During this time, no matter the court, harden faced enormous pressure.