The Rocket League update brings a lot of content

  • Independent game developer and publisher Psyonix, Cheap Rocket League Crates a fan of popular sports and action Rocket League, today announced that its latest update, including the free new Dropshot mode, will be around 3 pm (Pacific Time)). In addition to this new electrification model, the update brings a lot of content, including: The end of the season 3 season and the delivery of the wheels, determined by the player at the highest level of the season;  The season starts the fourth game and its share changes; 
    The new e-Sports Live Now button in the main menu informs the player of the official broadcast; Improvements to the viewer's camera, including the user's boost indicator and rumble accent indicator, viewed in the subjective view; The speed of the new turbocharged box, you can unlock the animated decals, exotic wheels, custom to the black market and so on. Endo, a new chariot, is limited in the Turbo box; Six new hits and trophies; There are many other things!