The training of their expertise

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    I was told that my team had gone to the camp, and the boss asked me if I was "entering the camp" or let the coach "simulate camp" or "skip training".


    Of course, is to choose directly to the camp and the team members to meet and learn through the training of their expertise. Just into the training camp team coach - that head half bald Fan old man (it seems not the old man, but it is too like the old man) took out four training programs to solicit my views, but also I often see NBA probably know what to do with the "shooting", "defense", "attack", "physical fitness" and so on. I chose the "fitness" training package to improve the player's strength, speed, agility, jumping ability and physical strength. I told me this decision to Fan old man, and asked the training intensity to 100%, he left a cold cold "rookie, this time I help you, what to do later, to complete the task and then come to me "Went to the implementation of the. The original role NBA Live Coins of my team is responsible for the overall development of the general manager, the specific work done by the hands. Do not they come to me just want to call me back to the pot? I secretly try to figure out in the heart, control him, since they let them see what is genius, I must include all the NBA can get the award.


    After a week of training back to the office, of course, the first thing to do is run to look at the schedule, and when I see I have 5 days to prepare the first game, I finally calm down, 5 Day, enough to make my genius completely familiar with the operation of the team. When the tight heart down when they found how to have a "drop" ringing sound, carefully looking for a look, the original is a flash in the "personal digital assistant" (PDA). Open a look and found that there is a boss sent the news he said that this thing is my future work tool, and later what happened through the PDA to tell me, and suggested that I go to see "the team manager past experience "In the" team manager score ". The other is the coach group sent, they report to me the results of training, so that I can better understand the player's ability. Read the news, naturally go to familiar with my management authority and the functions of the various departments.