The key to sniping is being fast

  • Sniping is one of the most popular coin making methods is all of NBA Live Mobile. Sniping is also used by players in other EA Sports games such as Madden Mobile. Sniping is a very simple process. Simply start by choosing the type of players you want to snipe. For example, if I wanted to snipe elite players, I could put in a filter into the transfer market that sets the max buy now at 20,000 coins. Then, I keep refreshing the auction house until a card pops up for that price and I quickly try to buy it. To View More About NBA Live Mobile Coins at the reliable site


    The key to sniping is being fast, and unfortunately, you are going to come up against bots who use auto tap and other programs to make the refresh fast. This method cheaters use can ruin this method sometimes because they are hacking the game. The best way to snipe is to find a filter on the auction house that no one else is on. Remember that cards drop every 5 minutes, so you should consider checking into a filter every 5 minutes to see if any players have dropped where you can make coins on them. Just like the previous method, you can double, triple, or even get 10 times of your initial investment of coins by using this method. Sniping is undoubtedly one of the best methods in the game so don't sleep on it.