Most games tend to be focused around the B-site

  • It's been heavily CT-sided. Since this isn't the case any longer, you will have to be a little more creative if you want to rating those rounds. First, let's talk about the map itself. Most games tend to be focused around the B-site. There are several reasons for this. First of all it's easy to isolate guarding players on B with smokes. Secondly the terrorists will generally use AK47 whereas you are trapped with M4A4 or even M4A1-s. They can prefire the most common angles with a weapon that has the potential to kill you with a single topic. CSGO Skins You will have to react to all of them stepping out, and when you're fast enough you will still need to hit them a minimum of twice. Then you possess the stairs between B-halls and mid. If they rotate from B to A they can just drop down the stairways and be there very quickly. It takes a lot longer to run up the stairs and rotate from A in order to B. Unless you notice that the terrorists have a tendency to attack A, I would suggest to play with only one defender on A. His job will be to support the B-players as much as he can as well as in order to push for info and call for backup if needed.

    Most of the time he will not need his smoke cigarettes, so he can throw it over to B and smoke away long. That way you'll have four smokes prepared on B. After that he should sit around corners in CT ramp, long A or stairways. He will listen with regard to footsteps and look for flashes and smokes. If he thinks that they're coming to A, he should try in order to survive for as long as feasible. If the B-players manage to take control over long B or other key areas around B, the A-guy can fall back to the bombsite and one of the players from B can turn and support him. If he cannot see or listen to anyone he can try to move in for the backstab through Z. If he does, timing is crucial. Wait for the terrorists to initiate their attack, or else there s a good chance they will possess at least one player waiting for the lurker arriving from behind. Should problem arise at B, your courageous soldier from A shouldn t hesitate. He can either go in via connector door and call for a flash from drop room or even throw the flash himself.

    This flash will blind any kind of terrorist tucked in the corner outside doorway, making it a lot easier in order to initiate the retake attempt. If you decide to get only one player in a, you will have four players at your disposal for some really creative B-plays. For starters you want to go for less obvious angles and try your best in order to cause communication breakdown (great song, great music group, great hair! ) and force the terrorists to check more angles. Boosting a player up on top of the dice is one way to achieve this effect. That player will also be able to peek over most of the smokes that this terrorists might use: If your opponents have a tendency to push long B, you can slow all of them down with a smoke cigarettes, followed by a molotov and a flash. Stand next to the dice and throw the smoke. After that you can get in line the molotov and call for a flashbang from a teammate. What will happen is that your enemies will get blinded and hopefully back off to the corner just outdoors arch. If that's the case