as well as ended up losing sixteen: 10

  • It is important to mention that Astralis is playing with a stand-in due to a current trade-in of gamers with dignitas which prevented them from using their full roster. Markus “kjarbye” Kjærbye will be replacing Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander throughout the major. Counter Reasoning Gaming vs Gambit GamingCLG played with their coach Faruk “Pita” Pita as temporary fill-in player (until they finalize the actual talks to get a 5th player for the team, Pita will be having fun with them for the duration of the Major and it is still unclear who will be becoming a member of the American Org). Gambit started off on the right foot upon Dust 2, winning the pistol round and gaining momentum for a 7: 1 lead, just to decrease six of the leftover rounds, ending the first half with a seven: 8 score in their favor.

    The second gun round of the map went to CLG upon T-side, but the American squad was unable to prevent the Russians from taking the game thirteen: 16. he Far eastern European teams fought against it at Train and after FlipSid3 took pistol round, Na’vi claimed the lead on CT going into half time thirteen: 2 . It was a dominating CT part for Na’Vi, but in the second half, FlipSid3 showed some enhancement bringing the score to some 13: 7. But Na’Vi managed to discover the four remaining rounds needed to win as well as took their very first game of the competition. OpTic Gaming vs NiP,The Sweden team started strong upon T-side, Dust 2 taking pistol round and the seven subsequent rounds for a 0: 8 lead,Buy All CSGO Skins and the Canadian team had it rough looking for a way to break the actual veterans, managing to find four rounds in the first round - ending on a four: 11 dissadvantage.

    The second half was absolutely no different as OpTic lost the gun round and the four remaining rounds, ending with a 4: sixteen score. Group C started with EnVy winning the gun round on Train by defusing the actual bomb after a double kill from Vincent “Happy” Schopenhauer. The French team took the lead in the following rounds five: 0 and it was Spencer “Hiko” Martin who put a stop to EnVy’s streak with a triple kill, turning EnVy’s lead into a 6: 9 in favor of Liquid. The second half was all Liquid because they took the gun round and dropped only one round in order to EnVy Us prior to winning the game seven: 16. Mousesports began by winning th pistol round upon Train and rapidly taking the lead upon T-Side 7: 0. Virtus. pro lastly took a round by the hands of the captain Wiktor “TaZ” Wojtas, and by half time the Shine team left the actual score 8: seven in favor of the Germans.

    The second half’s gun round went to VP and turned the actual score by claiming the following two rounds for a 8: 10 in favor of VP. Mousesports took two rounds in the second half, but that was not enough to stop Virtus in their first game of the tournament, as well as ended up losing sixteen: 10. The Frenchmen and the Brazilians fought against it up on Cobblestone, the map reputed for dropping the highly-demanded Cobblestone Souvenirs. Beginning on CT part, SK (former Luminosity Gaming) won the actual pistol round as well as took the lead 0: 3,Buy the Cheapest CSGO Skins but G2 replied by tying the game 3: 3. G2 took the lead 8: 5 but the Brazilians ended up shortening it 8: 7 heading into second half. n the second half, SK started if you take the pistol round and restoring their lead to which the French team responded by tying the game 10: 10. Sk could close the game right after winning six consecutive rounds for a sixteen: 11