The series ended on a weak note with

  • THQ Nordic picked up numerous intellectual properties from the now-defunct publisher, after THQ auctioned off the rights to its franchises following its bankruptcy. THQ Nordic, which was previously known as Nordic Games, has OSRS Gold for Sale been playing the waiting game for many of the licences it purchased, but now it seems as though the company is stirring to life. The publisher confirmed that it had 23 games in development earlier this year, so there is bound to be some surprises to come.Fans of Red Faction will be hoping that the potential re-release of the game will rekindle some sort of interest in the franchise as whole.

     The series ended on a weak note with the launch of Red Faction: Armageddon, with a poor commercial reception effectively killing the series. There s perhaps a glimmer of hope that Red Faction could find a second chance under a new roof, or at the very least have its legacy prolonged for another generation of consoles.Source: ESRB (via VG247)

    Minecraft Update 1.11, known as the Exploration Update, goes live today for PC and Mac, and introduces llamas, new maps, locations, and adventures for Minecraft players.It been five years since Minecraft officially launched to the world, and even now the title continues to garner massive sales and success across all platforms. The incredible success of Minecraft spurred Microsoft to purchase the game developer, Mojang, and the two continue to pump out new updates for the much-beloved exploration game.