Those who picked up an Xbox One S recently shouldn

  •  Additionally, it looks like Battlefield 1 is now available for pre-load on the Xbox One, offering gamers a reason to RS Gold for Sale celebrate and clear some of the space from their hard drive.According to NeoGAF user, Theorry, Xbox One owners can now download Battlefield 1, but may need to free up some space, seeing as the Great War title will take up 42.7 GB of space. While the Battlefield 1 file size for PC and PlayStation 4 haven t been revealed yet, gamers on those systems can expect a similar file size and plan accordingly.

    Those who picked up an Xbox One S recently shouldn have much trouble with the large file size, but those with legacy Xbox One consoles may have to delete some other items to make room. Battlefield 1 will be a tenth of the available 500 GB for many Xbox One owners.The size of the game isn surprising, since the open beta required over six GB and only included one map and two game modes. With numerous maps and map variations for the different game modes, along with the single player campaign, the nearly 43 GB requirement seems about right.

    Interestingly, EA most recent title, Star Wars Battlefront, rang in at only 19 GB on Xbox One, less than half that of Battlefield 1. Granted, Star Wars Battlefront didn include a single-player campaign, so gamers could presume Battlefield 1 s size isprimarily campaign assets.At the same time, it important not to rule out the incredible visual detail in Battlefield 1. Like Star Wars Battlefront before it, Battlefield 1 promises to deliver a beautiful world full of stunning environments, set pieces, and gameplay.