Marcus FenixGears of War protagonist Marcus

  • Ryu and KenStreet Fighter characters and noted BFFs/rivals Ryu and Ken are two of the most iconic video rs2joy game characters in history, having made their debut with the first game in 1987.Ryu and Ken are both in their early 50s and yet they are still at it in Street Fighter 5, which released earlier this year. While it s nice to know the fight is still in them, it s not as though Capcom has run out of new character ideas and it s time for them tostart thinking about hanging up their iconic karate outfits.

    Marcus FenixGears of War protagonist Marcus Fenix has lived a tough life, includingsaving the world from Locusts andbeing put in prison.When Marcus features in Gears of War 4, these hardships really show in the scars and lines on his face \x93 not to mentionthe full head of grey hair (including one mighty beard), too.Although his son, James Dominic Fenix is taking over as the main playable character, Marcus is still expected to play a big role in GOW 4 s plot.

    Here s hoping that it s one bombastic, final adventure and afterthat he ll finally be able to place his Lancer on the mantle.Leon S. KennedyResident Evil 2 protagonist Leon S. Kennedy isn t just a Resi fan favorite \x93 the undead-blasting tough guy is one of the most popular game characters in general. That s why he has featured (or been mentioned) in nine Resident Evil games overall.Now aged 39, and having spent most of his life fighting the infected, now would be a good time for him to become a germaphobe.