If Microsoft does end up green-lighting an all-ages spin-off

  • When asked about expanding the franchise, Ross referenced the Star Wars extended universe and how that franchise is able to rs2joy tell many different stories across various platforms. Ideally, 343 and Microsoft would like to see success with asimilar approach inHalo. We ve already seen comics and movies, but perhaps the Halo Showtime TV series will help kick things into high gear.For now, Halo fans are hoping that the team is hard at work on another installment in the main series.

     If Microsoft does end up green-lighting an all-ages spin-off it seems very unlikely that the project would divert any of 343 s resources, so that hypothetical project shouldn t slow any other plans down.What do you think of the possibility of an all-ages friendly Halo game? Would you be interested in playing it? Let us know in the comments.There are currently no concrete plans for a Lego Halo game.

    Unfortunately for couch co-op fans, For Honor game producer Stephane Cardin reveals that the game will not support split-screen as previously promised.Ever since its surprising reveal trailer at E3 2015,For Honor has excited many gamers. Its focus on melee combat helps it stand apart from the mass of shooters thatdominate the multiplayer marketwith every year, and it seems as though reception to its recent closed alpha has been mostly positive.