They are the squares of what looks like glass panels, colored

  • There was no reason for Destiny players to do it or work it into any strategy if it did not actually contribute in a meaningful way to Pokemon Go Powerleveling conquering the raid.However, with Heroic Mode fast approaching, it is likely to show up as a necessary part of the Aksis fight. If for some reason it does not play into Heroic Mode, it is sure to at least play into one of the Challenge Modes. So what is the mechanic, and how should teams be practicing?Those who have played Wrath of the Machine are likely to remember the Supercharge pads scattered across the room where the Aksis encounter takes place.

     They are the squares of what looks like glass panels, colored red. During the teleport phase, one of these squares around the room will light up with a pillar of red light to show it is active. If an empowered Guardian slamsthat pad before another empowered Guardian slams Aksis, the entire raid team will receive full supers.At this point, the Supercharge strategy has only been used by teams who are speedrunning the raid, allowing them to take down Aksis in one rotation in some cases.

     But it is unlikely that this mechanic was put into the raid by Bungie just for this purpose. So fans are assuming that it will play a major part in Heroic Mode.With Bungie keeping Heroic Mode s new challenges a secret, it isn t known exactly why Supercharge will be needed. It could be a way to put more damage onto Aksis, who is likely to have a larger health pool than in Normal Mode. Or if Bungie expounds the problem by taking away some of pillars to survive Aksis attack at the end of each rotation, playerswill need to deal that damage even faster than before.