Heroic Mode:Ex Machina sniper rifleZeal Vector sidearmLeg

  •  As of yet it s unclear how to get Perfected Ornaments but the most popular theory is that they will drop from the upcoming raid challenges.Before getting into exactly where everything can be found, be rs2joy sure to pay attention to the two chests at the end of each encounter and make sure you are correctly opening the right one.Here is where everything can be found in Wrath of the Machine:Vosik Normal Mode:Quantiplasm shotgunEther Nova fusion rifleLeg armorVosik

    Heroic Mode:Ex Machina sniper rifleZeal Vector sidearmLeg armor (Spliced)Siege EngineNormal Mode:Sound and Fury rocket launcherChest armorGauntlet armorSiege EngineHeroic Mode:If Materiaheavy machine gunChest armor(Spliced)Gauntletarmor (Spliced)Aksis (Phase 1) Normal Mode:Infection ShellArtifactAksis (Phase 1) HeroicMode:AmalgemShell(Perfected) ArtifactAksis (Phase 2) Normal Mode:Genesis Chain auto rifleChaos Dogma scout rifleHelmet armorClass itemAksis (Phase 2) HeroicMode:Steel Medulla pulse rifleFever and Remedy hand cannonHelmet armor (Spliced)Class item (Spliced)Nanophoenix shipUse this guide to pick up the missing pieces needed to complete your raid set collection.

     For help defeating Aksis on Heroic, be sure to check out this guide.The next raid feature on the horizon is Challenge Modes, which have yet to be dated.Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on Xbox One and PS4.