Ultimately, there s plenty left to explore when

  • When the Nintendo Switch releases this March, Nintendo has shown that the Switch will have no shortage of third-party support this time around. Epic Games has RS Gold for Sale announced a new deal which will allow the Nintendo Switch to support Unreal Engine 4, which may allow the prospect of a horrifyingly realistic Kirby after all. When it comes to first-party content, the Big N has shown a glimpse of an all-new Mariogame which may have open-world content, and it s possible that new Mario Kart and Splatoon content is heading into the next generation with the Switch as well.

    Ultimately, there s plenty left to explore when it comes to the Nintendo Switch, but gamers will have to wait a few more months until Nintendo is ready to answer such questions. We ve speculatedthat the Switch s impending success or failure hinges on the battery performance of the main Switch unit, as a poor performance here will leave gamers frustrated with the mobility angle of the device \x93 and clearly, this is something Nintendo is showing off as a prominent selling point.

    Creative director for The Order: 1886 claims developer Ready at Dawn has plans for the future of the IP, and wants to continue the game s larger story.Last year The Order: 1886 was one of the most hyped and anticipated titles of the year, but unfortunately fell flat at launch and has all but disappeared from memory. Yet that doesn seem to be keeping the game developer from moving forward with the IP.