Battlefield 1 player in a Behemoth train

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    Battlefield 1 player in a Behemoth train takes on enemy tank, only to discover comical outcome when the two World War I vehicles collide, sending the tank soaring.Another day, another comical Battlefield 1 moment. If there one thing Battlefield 1 has going for it right now, it that the random bugs and events players experience provide entertainment for gamers, and free publicity for the EA and DICE shooter.

     And considering the stiff competition Battlefield 1 faces this holiday shopping season, any bit of free PR is good.The latest 淥nly in Battlefield\x9D moment to make the rounds is the result of two armored World War I machines coming into contact. As the below GIF shows, a player riding the Behemoth train takes on an enemy tank, only to send it hurling through the air at break-neck speeds.https://gamerant.