343 Industries announces a variety of fun

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    343 Industries announces a variety of fun events for the 15th anniversary of Halo: Combat Evolved this Tuesday, including a live stream on Twitch and a special Halo 5 playlist.Halo: Combat Evolved released on November 15, 2001. That means that this Tuesday is the 15-year-anniversary of the iconic first-person shooter and 343 Industries intends to celebrate the occasion.The current Halodeveloper announced last week that a special live streamwill be held on Twitch at, appropriately, 3:43 p.

    m. Pacific Time on Tuesday.But that s not the only thing fans can look forward to; 343 Industries will also release a special Anniversary Throwback playlist for Halo 5 that features remakes of classic maps using Halo 5 s Forge Tools. 343 developers plan to be online throughout the day to play some of these classic maps with fans.A short teaser for the live stream was uploaded to the officialHalo YouTube page on Friday:343 offered further details about the celebration in a new blog post, explaining that the stream will feature a walkthrough of theHalo museum and a collection of favorite memories from the devs and the community.