According to Mallat, however, the dates between when

  •  This was the date on which Ubisoft announced delays to both Watch Dogs and RS Gold for Sale The Crew, with both titles pushed back into 2014.The effect on Ubisoft was heavy, with the company s stock dropping significantly. However, the AMF has alleged Mallat and his fellow executives of committing insider trading, by selling securitiesbased on the use of insider information. The accusation is based around the fact that the Ubisoft executives in question used the upcoming delay to gain advantage, based on information that was not made open to the public at the time of sales taking place.

    According to Mallat, however, the dates between when the transactions completed and when he was advised of the delay do not match up. Speaking with La Presse, the Ubisoft executive advised that the sales in question went through on the 25 September, yet he was not advised of the delays to Watch Dogs and The Crew until October 11. Whether this holds out under scrutiny, of course, will be found out soon enough.

    Ubisoft has also released a statement on the matter. The company advised Kotakuthat company co-founder Yves Guillemot does not question the good faith of the people involved and has reassured them that they have his full support and trust. Meanwhile, the Canadian executives involved in the investigation have filed a motionwith the Superior Court of Quebec, requesting that  that the procedure be declared invalid and seeking damages against AMF France and AMF Quebec.