e. Light Level for those Destiny fans out there)

  • The Division Update 1.5While there are a lot of new features and fixes coming with Update 1.5, there are a few that jump out for most The Division players. First off, Update 1.5 will be adding a new World Tier to the game. Update 1.4 introduced World Tiers to players, and gave them a chance to RS 2007 Gold for Sale choose a tier somewhere between World Tier 1 and World Tier 4. Each tier has its own enemy difficulty level and gear score (i.

    e. Light Level for those Destiny fans out there).When players reach the in-game level cap of 30, they begin to focus their efforts on increasing their gear score and finding the gear combinations that best suit their play styles. Update 1.5 will add World Tier 5 to The Division, along with level 34 enemies and gear score 256 weapons and armor. New weapons and armor pieces will come with improved stats so players can take on the challenging enemies in the new top World Tier.

    Another major addition coming with Patch 1.5 is an increased Stash size. Like most loot-based games, The Division is full of different items for players to acquire and use. To help store all these items, players can make use of a Stash in their Base of Operations and Safe Houses. A few months ago Massive increased the size of the Stash, but many players have continued to request additional space for their items.