As a way to say thank you to Pokemon GO

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    As a way to say thank you to Pokemon GO fans that made it one of the biggest video games of 2016, Niantic is launching a double XP Thanksgiving event.This past summer was huge for Niantic. What was once a relatively unknown mobile game developer became one of the most well-known studios overnight thanks to the massive success ofPokemon GO. Millions of people have playedPokemon GO since launch, netting Niantic $2 million daily, and at its peak, generating about half a billion in a single month.

     Niantic is thankful for the supportPokemon GO has received, and has announced an event to say thank you to fans this Thanksgiving season.From November 23rd to November 30th, Pokemon GO players will earn double XP and double Stardust. This event will allow players to level up their in-game avatar and Pokemon at a much faster rate than usual. While this should entice some lapsed players to return to the game for the double XP event, it s doubtful that the upcoming Thanksgiving event will be as popular as the recent Halloween event.