Simply add the game to cart and you ll see

  •  Below you ll find the best Civilization VI digital deals for Steam as we head into this Friday s Buy RS Gold release.Best Civilization VI DealsCivilization VI Standard: $43.91(Steam 27% off)Civilization VI Deluxe: $57.59(Steam 28% off)Use coupon BLACKFRIDAY10Civilization VI Standard: $44.99 (Steam 25% off)No coupon requiredUpdate 11/22/16: Civ VI launchdeals are now even cheaper thanks to Black Friday week sale. Deals are listed and updated below. Expires Nov 29 or earlier.At GMG, you can pick up Steam copy of Civilization VI standard or deluxe for 20%off.

     Simply add the game to cart and you ll see the price reduced to $47.99 for Standard and $63.99 for Deluxe. The discount percentage is alsoat 20%in the UK/EU, with pricing at \xAC63,99 for the Digital Deluxe, respectively.Note that while the US/North America deal is a new addition thanks to a limited time hidden Halloween sale GMG is running (note the pumpkin icon on the box cover) the deal for Civ VI in the UK/EU are fairly standard in the sense that pre-purchase discounts are much more flexible than the US.

    At DLGamer, you can pick up Civilization VI for full price of $59.99 but the France-based digital retailer is offering a $7 discount code for any future purchases in their store catalog (except Civilization VI and Mafai III). This is a good deal if you spot something you want to pick up at DLGamerEssentially, if you want to play on Friday and take advantage of current pre-load, pick up the discount now before it expires suddenly, as it surely has expired at random times before.What s in the Civilization VI Digital Deluxe Edition?For those on the fence but you re still a significant Civilization fan you may be wondering if you should pick up the Digital Deluxe or the Standard Edition.