Ahead of whenever Challenge Mode debuts it will be good

  •  There s no telling how soon after that date Challenge Modes will go rs2joy live. Bungie also keeps teasing that there s more unknowns to come before the end of the year.Something that is not an unknown is the return of Sparrow Racing League in December, which will supposedly be a part of a bigger winter update or event that will include some things for players to do besides just racing their personal in-game vehicles.For those still needing to conquer Aksis (whether that takes place in the light or in the dark) be sure to check out our guides for both Normal Mode and Heroic Mode, which ups the ante with a lot more to juggle.

    Ahead of whenever Challenge Mode debuts it will be good to get up to speed on the Supercharge mechanic in the Aksis fight, which may come into play as it still remained a non-issue in Heroic Mode.Currently, Festival of the Lost is running in Destiny, which is causing some debate among fans about microtransactions in Bungie s sci-fi shooter.Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.Source: Destiny Reddit

    Square Enix, alongside the announcement that Final Fantasy 15 has gone gold, is releasing an all new short cinematic movie titled Omen inspired by the game.Final Fantasy 15 has officially gone gold, according to the game s official Twitter account. The development team has moved onto post-launch content for the game, including a special multiplayer DLC pack. Perhaps to celebrate, or perhaps just because there s so much left to show before Final Fantasy 15 launches on November 29, Square Enix has released a new video, titled Omen, that predicts a dark future.