t kind of like the end of Mass Effect

  • Because of these huge implications, some fans thought that Argus would have to be its own expansion. But Hazzikostas told Polygon that Blizzard decided the currentLegion expansion was the perfect fit felt like the right time,\x9D Hazzikostas said. don know if Argus would hold up as an expansion in RS 2007 Gold and of itself. We could make up a whole lot of ecologies and things there, but at the end of the day, it would feel like a very one-note, alien expansion.azzikostas used the ending of one of his favorite non-Blizzard games to drive home his point about why players are going to Argus now.

    t kind of like the end of Mass Effect 2,\x9D he said.  been fighting on our end. Now wee going on our suicide mission, because this is the only way to save ourselves.o timetable is available for Patch 7.2 or 7.3 but Blizzard announced that Patch 7.1.5, which will feature a variety of smaller adjustments like class balancing, will go on the public test realm next week. With both the upcoming Nighthold raid and The Tomb of Sargeras still unreleased, it s likely that players will not make it to Argus until the 2nd half of 2017.

    Blizzard has historically had some issues with long content droughts at the end of expansions but if the company can nail the Argus patch and then transition into the expansion after Legionin a timely fashion, Blizzard will have kept its word to its fans and might even win back some of those millions of lapsed subscribers.World of Warcraftis available now for PC and Mac.Source: Polygon