Naturally, though, it s anyone s guess as to what will come

  • Like Activision s own Activision-Blizzard Studios for television and film projects, Ubisoft also has a movie and TV studio, dubbed Ubisoft Motion Pictures. The sector of the company produced the Rabbids Invasion TV show for Nickelodeon, and is also planning on putting out a movie based on its third-person shooter The Division starring actor Jake Gyllenhaal.Taking all of this into consideration, Ubisoft s decision to Buy RS Gold potentially foray into television with Netflix would undoubtedly become a lucrative venture, especially should the company center the series around one of its more kid-friendly properties like Rayman: Origins, as it could market and sell lots of colorful toys and ancillary products.

     Naturally, though, it s anyone s guess as to what will come of Ubisoft s negotiations with Netflix, but the company could end up surprising everyone by catering to more mature audiences with a series focusing on one of its Tom Clancy titles like, say, Splinter Cell.Ubisoft s next major video game release is Watch Dogs 2, and it s set to launch on November 15, 2016 PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and on November 29, 2016 for PC.Source: Reuters (via GameSpot)

    Valve releases the Steam Discovery update 2.0, which is designed to be smarter, more informative, and offer users better and more personalized game recommendations.As popular PC gaming platform Steam continues to grown in popularity, Valve, the company behind it, has had to make some significant changes. For example, Valve previously rolledout the Steam Discovery update, which hoped to deliver better recommendations in order to help gamers sift through the overwhelming amount of titles that are released on the platform each year.