Vivendi purchased more Ubisoft shares earlier this week and n

  • Second, if we re going to speculate on the timing of the November 29 meeting, we first have to return to Vivendi and Ubisoft. Vivendi has rs2joy been buying up Ubisoft stock for about a year now, and it s pretty clear to observers that Vivendi wants control of theAssassin s Creed developer. Ubisoft survived a shareholders meeting this past September and Ubisoft s founders have taken steps to increase their own share in the company in order to stave off a hostile takeover. But it s also pretty clear that Vivendi isn t giving up just yet.

     Vivendi purchased more Ubisoft shares earlier this week and now owns 24 percent of the company.With Vivendi s latest stock purchase and the announcement of the November 29 CD Projekt Red shareholders meetingcoming in the same week, it would appearat least on paper that maybe the independent developer has been spooked by Vivendi s continued aggression towards Ubisoft and wants to take steps to ensure that another company doesn t do the same to them. But again, to be clear, we re just speculating here.

    Regardless of what happens, the developer s fans will still have some upcoming games to look forward to.Gwent:The Witcher Card Game recently entered its closed beta with a full release presumably coming sometime in 2017. The studio s next AAA title, Cyberpunk 2077, is currently in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC and already has a bigger dev team than what the studio had in place forThe Witcher 3.Source: Gamespot