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    Round 16. The one that was imagined to be vie from Gregorian calendar month twenty to Gregorian calendar month twenty three.

    The spherical sixteen of the Weekend fifa 17 ios coins League was off as a result of Electronic Arts is addressing the ‘No Loss Glitch’ and whereas they don’t have it finished, it's out of the question to ensure a good competition. It enable individuals to mechanically disconnect AN opponent from a game and provides themselves either a win or a disconnect loss.

    If you had already qualified for this week’s FUT Champions Weekend League, your qualification can carry over to next week.

    The weekly rewards of spherical fifteen were free with a twenty four hours delay. they're offered on the FUT store weekday night.
    There will be no weekly rewards for spherical sixteen since it'll not be vie.
    The weekly rewards for spherical seventeen are out before the the spherical eighteen starts.

    Monthly rewards for Gregorian calendar month are primarily based within fifa 17 pc coins games you have got vie on rounds fourteen, 15 and 17.See more fun fifa 17 by futshop online now!