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  • Bad Boys recap)Hawks 116, Grizzlies 101 (Peachtree Hoops recap |Grizzly Bear Blues recap)Rockets 116, 76ers 114 (The Dream Shake recap |Liberty Ballers recap)Pacers 104, Bulls 92 (Indy Cornrows recap |Blog a 
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    Good morning. Let's basketball.16-0: As expected, the Warriors easily dispatched the Lakers to win their 16th straight game to open the season. That's an NBA record. Huzzah! On that topic, Paul Flannery and I discussed whether the Warriors should continue to chase records or de-emphasize them. We also talked about whether the wheels are finally coming off of the Sixers' process and Philadelphia's patience.


    SIGN UP FOR OUR NBA NEWSLETTERGet news, links and Ziller's #hottakes in your inbox every weekday morning.When I said the Warriors "easily dispatched the Lakers," by the way, I was being kind. The Warriors crushed the Lakers like they were empty beer cans at a Kid Rock concert. (Kid Rock fans are avid recyclers, in my experience.) Stephen Curry didn't need to play the fourth quarter, and a 40-point win was still on the table late.Even the fans were stunting all over the Lakers.


    The dude who hit a free throw for $5,000 or whatever gave L.A. the Cheap NFL 18 Coins old throat slash. He'll be hearing from the league on that one.Your boy Kobe Bryant shot 1-of-14 in 25 minutes. Zito Madu writes that the defiance that once drove Kobe is now destroying him. Yep.PRE-THANKSGIVING STUFFING!THE PACERS! In other action, Paul George did his best Steph Curry impersonation. Indiana is GOOD.EVOLUTION OF BLAKE:You can visit to our website