It’s no secret that Ultimate team is the best game

  • Revamp Manager mode
    It’s no secret that Ultimate team is the best game mode in the series now, buy fut 18 coins but there was a time when Manager Mode wasn’t far behind. Despite minor tweaks, the manager mode has pretty much been the same over the past few years. EA need to do something to make it lucrative and lure players to play it, regardless of whether or not they did so last year. They could start off by removing the email system and adding cut-scenes to Career setting as well.
    We’ve seen PES already do it, with the game showing a cut-scene every time you sign a player, for example. Further, it would be great if there is some way to respond and negotiate with players. For example , if a youth star wants us to give him a chance in a match, the manager should be able to respond to him, through either saying yes or asking your pet to come off the bench or even promising to start him a couple of games later instead.
    Yes, that would be quite hard to code, but taking the easy way out isn’t going to bring in the sales. Users should also be able to customise managers; maybe EA could start with the regular manager options at the start of the season, Fifa 18 Player Auction coins and then allow users to use the actual salary that they earn throughout their career to buy accessories or change the wardrobe or even hairstyle.
    Finally, another change we’d like to see in profession mode is the contract system. The agreement system has been the same for ages, and it is one of the things that truly deserves a revamp. Adding more clauses into the contracts would make the particular mode far more interesting; a release clause or a minimum number of starts clause are a couple of clauses we’d like to see.