Few Barcelona players have the guile

  • Few Barcelona players have the guile and gumption to run the line like Jordi Alba does. His everlasting batteries and eagerness to serve his club have not gone unnoticed as well as despite the influx of new talent at the Camp Nou, Alba's rating remains top notch. Could this be the rekindling of a lost fire?
    Keylor Navas-85
    Real Madrid's goalkeeping situation finally seems to have calmed itself down. The need for fifa ultimate Team 18 coins  David De Gea's services has diminished ever since one Keylor Navas decided to take matters into his own hands. Superior handling and incredible shot stopping ability are the main reasons that Navas deserves his decent FIFA 18 ranking.
    Blaise Matuidi-85
    Rightly described as a "fierce and strong tackler", Matuidi's strength in central midfield warrants Juventus' never-ending desire to sign the Frenchman. A successful spell at PSG earned him all the plaudits and his new chapter within Italy promises big things. FIFA 18 has him in the top 75, and one can see just why.
    Real Madrid's midfield has seen some impressive talent as of late and buy fut 18 coins stepping up to the plate in that position is Casemiro. His recent goals from a variety of different points on the pitch prove his importance to the team and it's hard to keep your pet out of the game. FIFA 18 has recognised that fact and as a result, he finds himself part of this illustrious list.