New method to train combat in addition to slayer

  • Along with today's update, gamers are able to explore the very first region of Zeah, a whole new region set to launch throughout 2016. The first region available is the associated with Great Kourend, along with five families battling for control. Gamers can help any of the 5 families in return for entry to new weapons, shield, and other resources along with skill training places. Make sure to gather  Buy RS 2007 Goldl on RSorder to assist you make the most of the Zeah. Here are our manuals to conquer Zeah.
    Shayzien - Combat/Slayer
    Blast minning regarding Lovakengj
    New method to train combat in addition to slayer
    Training camping
    Access to new weaponry that recharge the greater you use them
    Undertaking: manning the walls, protecting city coming from mutations
    Lovakengj -- Smith/Mining
    Blast minning: make explosive substances to obtain ores
    Brand-new construction content
    Project: maintain and restoration the city/ discover and create new exploration
    Library of Arceuus in Kourend
    Arceuus - Runecrafting/Magic/Prayer
    Blood(77) and soul (90) Runecrafting altars
    Needs new dark fact
    Necromancy spell guide
    Raise creatures via dead to eliminate for prayer plus magic XP
    Collection: area lore
    Endeavor: access secret paths for spying in other houses
    Piscarilius - Fishing/ThievingDeep ocean fishing in Piscarilius
    Deep sea angling: access to new fish/ methods
    Access to transport around the island
    Sign up for pirate underworld
    Imports/exports and transport
    Completely new thieving content
    Mission: repair boats, netting and maintain docks
    active Farming minigame
    Hosidius - Farming/Cooking
    Innovative farming crops/methods
    End patch w/ability to prevent become dieased
    Nature tree patch
    Food preparation minigame/ new products
    Task: fast-paced Producing Tithe minigame
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