The change is intended to support players who think about peeki

  • Right after some delays, first-person-only machines arrived in today's update to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The change is intended to support players who think about peeking around corners within third-person to be inauthentic or even unfair. After playing several rounds today, it's currently become my favorite format.

    Within first-person, you have to pay for each and every peek. There's no more concealing inside a house or driving a rock to gather info or catch your breathing with no risk. With all digital cameras locked to first-person viewpoints, every piece of information gets more valuable, and recognizing becomes more of a skill.

    Inside combat, this makes engagements much more equal and more fun. In a third-person fight, one gamer typically has a big advantage on the other. While popping out in order to ambush an unaware participant is fun, first-person arguements tended to be sloppier and more frenzied. In one apartment building within the north edge of Yasnaya, a player and I surprised one another Pubg items in a stairway and invested several dozen rounds trying to succeed a gunfight straight from an action movie. Because assaulting and defending players have the identical chance to see each other and have interaction, I enjoyed prolonged shootouts that probably would have finished instantly as brutal ambushes on a third-person server.