This pretty much amounts up the response from the group

  • Various other CSGO professionals have listed frustration and disbelief with Vexed’s decision. Veteran person Ex6TenZ fired a rather scathing tweet at the team, declaring “good luck and have entertaining [trying] to get players and sponsors in the foreseeable future who will want to work with anyone. ” This pretty much amounts up the response from the group, which has been one of general amaze and anger. Given that 2015 saw an embarrassing match-fixing scandal occur and considering the on-going issue with cheating on the CSGO servers, many players along with commentators alike seem to need a more hardline stance versus any form of dishonesty from the professional community.

    It continues to be seen whether KQLY could make any kind of full return to esports. He himself said throughout March 2017 that there was obviously a “0. 1% chance” involving him ever making a return and judging by the reaction in order to his inclusion in the Vexed roster, it would seem his quotations were pretty accurate.

    Along with unlike S1mple’s double no-scope, I have no plans to be able to immortalise this feat which has a gigantic tattoo across this shoulder. That’s because when impressive in retrospect, the fact my introduction to Buy All CSGO Skins the most cut-throat shooter in the world came by using the cracked trackpad of any second-hand Macbook is not a thing I remember fondly.