Tired of perishing in CSGO?

  • Any kind of serious CSGO player available will tell you that cheating may be the absolute bane of this specific game. In fact , cheating within CSGO is so prevalent and thus very despised that you can hardly go a few games without having at least the accusation associated with hacking being levelled towards one player or another. When Hovik "KQLY" Tovmassian, the one-time regular at the maximum end of professional Counter-Strike, was caught cheating, the actual backlash from both Device and the community was quick and harsh. Tired of perishing in CSGO? Brush up with the guide to improving your marksmanship.

    But it would seem that a lifetime suspend from Valve and almost common negativity from the community was not enough of a deterrent with regard to French team Vexed. The actual gaming collective, who frequently compete in Hearthstone, CSGO and H1Z1announced yesterday which KQLY would be joining all of them on a trial basis. Whilst KQLY cannot compete within the most coveted competitions, like the Valve-endorsed Majors, he will have the ability to play on the independent competition circuit, starting at the ESL Championnat National in Paris, france.

    As is to be expected, it has left a somewhat sour taste in the mouths of numerous CSGO players, not minimum of which the Vexed group themselves. In an even unfamiliar person twist in the tale, Dorrie 'Jarod' Cohen and Léonard 'SmyLi' Michelino have resigned from the team and Cheap CSGO Skins, stating which they “were not informed of the decision that was imposed” prior to adding “we cannot think about ourselves working with someone that offers harmed, to the extent he has, the competitive honesty of CS. ”