Unprecedented amounts of funds are coming into the landscape

  • 2017 has certainly been a great eventful year for CS: GO. Unprecedented amounts of funds are coming into the landscape and player rights certainly are a hotter topic than ever.

    Given that most teams were lazy this week (only #20 Tyloo in our WWG CS: GET Team Rankings played), it absolutely was a good time to wrap up all four end rankings and see just where teams shook out in the final.

    Kevin Hitt remarked around the precipitous fall of #14 Na'vi and #19 Fnatic, two teams that have got disappointing years for different reasons. Fnatic started last year on top of the world, but with accidental injuries to Olofmeister and continuing player trades with fresh squad #10 Godsent to the end of the year have got meant that this once titan of the CS: GO planet has been at their absolute best inconsistent and at their most detrimental losing to almost any challenger. They ended the year over a 1-9 streak in their previous 10 matches.

    Na'vi, alternatively, had such promise in some recoverable format. With the addition of s1mple earlier this coming year, the sheer potential firepower of this team is off typically the charts. However , as with most squads s1mple has been a part of, Na'vi has just not lived around this promise yet.

    Steven Cropley thought that much in the top eight passes any gutcheck, although he tends to make an argument for #9 Virtus Pro swapping with #5 EnVyUs. He believes that will VP, even with a couple of considerable losses of late csgoskins, has generally speaking played less and as such additional teams look better in comparison, yet this team is still strong to Buy All CSGO Skins.

    In a couple of weeks, a few competitors on the WWG CS: HEAD OUT Team Rankings will complement in China at the WESG event there where $1. 5 million is at stake. However , the groups seem... stacked to favor particular teams, to say the least. #23 VG. CyberZen and #20 Tyloo are both in groups suspiciously missing stiff competition and therefore are both the only Chinese reps to this event.

    As simply the top 2 from each and every group get paid, it seems a lot like the groups getting stacked to ensure that VG and also Tyloo advance.

    Finally, often the CS: GO crew recapped the most recent developments of the PEA drama enveloping the arena. TSM recently let go Shane Gares from their team following his involvement in the participant rights letter sent simply by SirScoots and this has been extremely poorly received by the CS: GO community at large.