At the million dollar Major following a month break

  • All of the CS: GO scene required was a good old fashioned break.

    Towards end of 2016, this wasn't just player exhaustion that was a big issue with regard to CS: GO. Viewer tiredness was a very real point, too. With multiple contingency online leagues and a substantial LAN event seemingly each and every weekend, matchups between leading teams became less fascinating as they would play continuously.

    At the time of this article, No . eighteen Gambit Gaming in the WWG CS: GO Team Ranks has won a major annoyed against No . 5 To the north, a team predicted through many to make a deep operate in the event or maybe win that altogether. North has just already been signed to a long term offer by FC Copenhagen, the greatest Danish soccer team and appears to be on the way up to becoming among the best teams in the world.

    Had Offrande beaten North in an on the internet event? Ok, good for Range but not the biggest deal on the planet.

    At the million dollar Major following a month break with all eye on North? To quotation the late great Harry Caray: HOLY COW.

    Kevin Hitt of WWG experienced this to say about the activity of day one: "The Main is living up to its invoicing as we have already seen a few upsets, with Virtus. professional beating OpTic Gaming as well as Gambit beating North. Toss into the mix a three-way overtime between Team Fluid and EnVyUs and now there is a complete recipe for amusement. "

    Steven Cropley additionally thinks some huge story lines are opening up too: "Day one of the Major has created some hype going into time two. Is the Natus Battere we've all expected lastly here? CanSK Gaming make it work with a stand-in? May Liquid actually win the match? These have been converted to legitimate possibilities off of what we should have seen thus far. "

    Within an online event during a schedule? non-e of those storylines issue. With a break before the the majority of anticipated offline event within a year? Oh hell yes they matter.

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