• For the first time since 2002, you'll be able to return to the home of the Dark Elves in The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind. But this isn't the same Vvardenfell you once knew. It is now the Second Era, around 700 years prior to the events of The Elder Scrolls III. This means that while some characters and locations may seem familiar, not everything will be exactly as you remember. Check out the information below to discover some of the familiar-but-different sights you'll find in ESO: Morrowind.
    If you played TES III, some parts of the island will appear to be very familiar to you, including Red Mountain, but you won't find the red winds of the Ash Storms or the Ghost Fence blocking your path in ESO: Morrowind. Nor will you find some of the monstrous creatures created by Dagoth Ur, such as Ash Vampires or Ascended Sleepers. At this period in time, much of the corruption that you saw and experienced in TES 3 is yet to occur, meaning some areas, while familiar (such as the Ashlands), might take on a new kind of beauty.
    This also means that the Ash Blight hasn't yet exterminated some of the island's more unique creatures, and you can now find Cliff Striders, Nix Oxen, as well as Vvardvarks in the wild. For additional detail on Vvardenfell's unique flora and fauna in ESO: Morrowind,ESO Gold check out this article.